Your First Visit

Welcome to our comprehensive specialist dental practice! l clinic’s homely setting will appeal to you and put you at ease from the moment you step in. We cater for a clientele that appreciates personalized, high quality dental treatment and the attention of a team of caring staff and dental professionals. Making an appointment with us is easy. This can be done via telephone, email as well as handphone or facebook text messaging. Share as much information as possible prior to your visit so as to enable us to allocate the required amount of time for your consultation and/or treatment. Your information is also key to match you with the most suitable practitioner in our team.

When you come in, you and your family will be received by our well-trained Customer Service team who will facilitate you throughout your course of treatments with our Dentists and Specialists. During your initial visit, our goal will be to understand your dental condition, concerns and aspirations. Our doctors will discuss with you all available treatment options and our recommendations: and help you make an informed decision. Contact us now for all your dental needs and experience the difference in our service.