General & Preventive Dentistry

Basic dental treatment such as routine scaling and polishing is one way of preventing the development of many dental problems.

Scaling & Polishing

scaling and polishing

Scaling is a basic but nevertheless a very important part of dental care. It should be done on a regular basis; ideally it should be done once every six months.

Scaling remove calculus and hardened stains that normal brushing cannot remove. Plaque in our mouth become hardened due to the presence of calcium in the saliva. While plaque can be removed by normal, thorough brushing, hardened plaque or calculus can only be removed by Scaling. Scaling is also important in reducing bad breath as bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that are present in the plaque and calculus. If scaling is not done regularly, the bacteria can also cause infections and even loosening of one's teeth through bone loss.

Scaling is performed using very efficient ultrasonic scalers. Once cleaned, the teeth surfaces are given a calming polish that gives your teeth the shiny finish.


Air-jet Polishing

Most stubborn stains can be removed using this technique which is a non-invasive method that gives immediate results. This method is most effective in removing stains resulting from coffee, tea and cigarette consumption.

In this technique which is carried out prior to the conventional scaling, a combination of water and fine salt-crystals is passed though a high-pressure air pump into a special tip which used to remove the stains on your teeth.

The procedure is finished off with conventional scaling removing any remaining calculus.


Other Preventive Treatments

  • Topical fluoride
  • Fissure Sealant
  • Preventive Resin Restorations
  • Teeth Desensitization
  • Mouth/sports guard
  • Dental Splint