1. Dentalpro wishes to remind you (“the patient”) that there are always risks and uncertainties of varying degrees associated with most dental procedure.
  2. It is hereby understood that all parties including you, are equally responsible in taking steps to ensure that all risks and potential complications are reduced to the minimum and that you shall be making an “informed decision” of the procedure of your choice.
  3. Dentalpro give no guarantees that your procedure will not result in personal disappointment and shall not be in a position to give warranties for any procedure, dental prosthesis or appliances other than those provided by the manufacturer of the dental prosthesis and appliances.
  4. Dentalpro shall not be responsible or liable for unforeseen changes in the confirmed schedule made by our staff or Surgeon if such changes are necessary to ensure result and in the interest of your wellbeing or due to unforeseen complications.
  5. Dentalpro shall not be responsible for any adverse outcome of any procedure or treatment performed:-
    1. where you have been informed of and accepted the risks related to the procedure prior to treatment;
    2. where the outcome is due to your negligence and/or failure to adhere to our Surgeons advise;
  6. You shall agree to indemnify Dentalpro Group (M) Sdn Bhd, its management or staff from any liability in any way whatsoever for any dispute or grievance arising from any procedure or treatment that you have agreed to.
  7. Dentalpro will not be responsible for any additional medical and other expenses incurred in the interests of your health and due to unforeseen complications prior or pursuant to your dental procedure.
  8. If any dispute should arise the Surgeon may only be liable if litigation takes place in Malaysia, under Malaysian Court of Law.