The first step towards effective dental care is an accurate evaluation of a patient's dental health and requirements. All this is possible with our state-of-the-art equipment including a Cone Beam Computed Topography (CBCT) with orthopantomogram (OPG), digital radiography (RVG), intra oral camera (IOC) and experienced dental surgeons to examine you to determine without doubt the treatments you require. 

Intra-oral Camera


This thin and tiny piece of equipment produces digital images of a patients oral cavity on a monitor. For a dentist, the digital images is an effective way of communicating a treatment plan as it provides a common tool for both parties to understand the diagnosis and treatment plan. As a patient, you will feel more confident and involved in your own treatment plan.

Orthopantomograph X-ray with Orhoceph


Successful placement of dental implants requires proper site planning. This equipment produces advanced panoramic view of the whole jaw and facial views which are crucial in most orthodontic, implant and maxillofacial surgeries.

RVG Imaging System

Dental Xray

The technology used (CCD sensor with optical fibers) in the RVG imaging equipment combined with the ‘high frequency' X-ray generator provide the best image quality and outstanding reliability.

The exceptional performance results in a high-quality diagnostic image which is pure and crystal clear without the normal radiation exposure. By enlarging the image our specialist will have the benefit of detailed information of your tooth; even the finest details of its alveolar structure.

Dental Profiling

The information gathered during an examination and from the diagnostic equipment is vital in to our dentists in making an accurate assessment of your dental condition. The advanced technology, coupled with our qualified dentists years of experience are the key elements to a successful treatment plan.