Technology & Equipments

Our aim is to provide the best for our patients.

With Malaysia moving rapidly into the 21st century, technology in this country is at par with developed countries; hence we are proud to say that we have the latest technology in dentistry in our centre. Our surgery rooms are equipped with intra-oral camera electrosurgery, fibre optic lights, digital X-ray machine and an Orthopenthomograph X-Ray machine all of which are designed to function with a range of devices that are attached to the dental chairs such as ultrasonic scaler and air-jet polisher. Our doctors will provide you with the finest dental care available utilizing advance techniques and years of experience.


Modern & Extra Comfortable Dental Chairs

In selecting the right dental chairs, we give priority to maximum comfort and functionality. Our dental chairs are equipped with important extras such as fibre optic lights, LCD monitors, X-Ray film viewer, and are designed to function with various and multiple devices such as ultrasonic scaler and air-jet polisher and other high-tech equipments.

comfortable dental chaircomfortable dental chair


Teeth Whitening Systems

Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth with the latest technologies. Innovations in teeth whitening using laser technology is safe, fast and effective - and performed only by a dental professional 

Teeth whiteningTeeth whitening


Sterilization & Infection Control

With its Europe autoclaves in the “Vacuklav” – series, MELAG offers three autoclaves which are a step ahead of the requirement of our times. We have in fact spared nothing in technical innovations to ensure that this family of autoclaves satisfies all requirements of the European Standard prEN 13060 which will be place on “Class B” autoclaves. Autoclaves of the “Vacuklav”- family feature multiple sub-atomospheric pulsing for pre- and post- sterilization air removal.

Sterilization by autoclave as a means of infection control in dental practice is mandatory under the Regulation made pursuant to the Malaysia's Private Health-care Facilities and Services Act.

Sterilization & Infection Control - Autoclave


Fully Integrated Computerized System

Our computerized management system integrates clinical, administrative and diagnostic information for efficiency of patient management and accuracy of patients' records. The system enables us to store more data; either text or visuals produced by dental equipments. While patients waiting time is greatly reduced, our system is able to produce various detailed reports and documents for our patients. This system allows us to attend to the requirement of individuals as well as large organizations