Orthodontic Specialist

Dentalpro’s orthodontic centre is headed by our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Praveen Gill, who has vast experience in treating patients at various ages and with different set of requirements. Crooked and misaligned positions of teeth can be tackled with ease with proper planning by our Orthodontic Specialist. 

Teeth conditions that can be corrected with orthodontic braces:

Crooked Teeth
Crooked Teeth 
Overbite teeth
Gap teeth
Teeth Gaps
Open Bite Teeth
Open Bite
Overjet teeth


We offer a number of choices for orthodontic braces. Dr Praveen will help you to make the correct choice of brackets to suit your requirements.

Why should I see a specialist orthodontist for my braces? Aren't all dentists the same? [Read more]

OTHER Treatments provided by our Specialist Orthodontist

Our orthodontic centre provides TOTAL solution that cater for all degree of malocclusion and at almost any age. We also provide treatments that can prevent dental issues that can occur as the result of crooked and misaligned teeth.

  • Removable Appliances
    • Twin Block and URA
  • Habit Breaker
  • Gold Chain Surgery
  • Retainers
    • Hawley
    • Essix
    • Fixed Retainers
  • Other Appliances
    • Mini Titanium Screw
    • Quadhelix Appliance
    • Transpalatal/Lingual Arch (TPA)