Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery encompasses all minor and complex oral surgery procedures. Oral Surgeons are trained to diagnose and perform oral surgery with high level of precision so as to deliver the desired results in maximum comfort to the patient. This specialised field tackles structural issues concerning teeth, jaw and lower facial structure including the sinus and nerves affecting these areas.

Bone Augmentation/Graft

Bone replacement is minor surgical procedure to replace bone loss due to gum disease or extractions. The indented bone loss areas are filled with naturally harvested bone combined with synthetic bone powder. This procedure is sometimes required prior to implant to ensure stability of an implant where the bone size or density is not sufficient.

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Soft Tissue Replacement

Soft tissue replacement is usually done to repair receding gums or to increase the gum after bone replacement.This will make the gum look natural when a crown tooth has been placed.

Oral-maxillofacial Surgery

In layman terms, such surgery is for the purpose of reconstruction of upper jaws and lower jaws. It is a corrective surgery with the end result clearly visible on the patient's facial structure. The facial appearance, oral ability and, mouth and teeth functionality can be greatly improved through this surgery.

Surgical Endodontic/Apicoetomy

Surgical endodontic is carried out when normal endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) cannot achieve the desired result. The root canal is plugged at the tip of the root to ensure the sterile condition in the root system. This is done by surgically exposing the tip of the root, then filling it up with filling material.

Orthognatic Surgery

Orthognathic treatment requires the combined expertise of a general dentist, an orthodontist and an oral maxillofacial surgeon. The surgery is to correct upper or lower jaws that are too big, too small, too forward and set too far back, combined with crooked or unalligned teeth; resulting in overbite, under-bite, an open bite and excess upper gums.

The combined expertise is required to achieve optimum results with regard to both the functions and aesthetics of the mouth and teeth.