Magriet Hofman

A Success Story of Ms Magriet Hofman's Dental Makeover Journey

Ms Hofman’s first appointment was made on April 3rd, 2004 and since then has undergone numerous treatments to restore her teeth such as fillings, root canal treatment, and 22 units of crowns. She also underwent a bone-graft surgery 2 units of implants were placed. She left Malaysia on 30th April, 2004 with a perfect smile. 

Ms Hofman’s Story 

In May 2001, I moved to the South of Holland. Since it is hard finding a dentist in my neighborhood I kept consulting my former dentist where I used to live until July 2002. My teeth were in a deplorable state due to an eating-disorder in the past. The enamel on my teeth was seriously damaged and my gums were withdrawn. I visited a clinic in Holland who suggested that they would cut all of my teeth in one day and put crowns in my mouth. A week after this consultation, I had an inflammation and needed a root canal treatment. The clinic hadn’t noticed the inflammation on the X-ray they had made. I therefore, decided not to have the treatment in their clinic. I then searched another dentist specializing in dental implant and finally found one in January 2003. My first appointment was then made for March 2003. This appointment was however delayed until May 2003 due to the unavailability of the dentist (he was on medical leave). A few minor treatments were then done in May, October and December 2003. 

In October 2003, my husband and I visited Indonesia. We booked the flight with Malaysia Airlines and read the advertisement from Dentalpro in the Going Places MAS in-flight magazine. When I returned home, I went to Dentalpro’s website on the internet and I sent my first e-mail to the clinic. 

I wasn’t happy with the dentist I had in Holland because I had to wait so long just to see the dentist. At Dentalpro there is direct communication with the dentist about my treatment, English is spoken and written perfectly and the specialist had a very serious and elaborate look at my case. Also, the treatment in Malaysia is (slightly) cheaper but the cost of the flight/hotel is more expensive. Intuition was another reason for choosing Malaysia – I knew I was making the right decision. 

Many people had second thoughts about it and advised me to be more careful, not to go ‘blindly’ into this. My husband however, supported me all the way knowing that I wasn’t satisfied at all my own dentist. Having traveled in some Asian countries I knew that there are some very developed countries in Asia. I visited Singapore 12 years ago and guessed that Malaysia would be similar. Arriving at the KLIA once during a transit flight convinced me further that Malaysia would be a good choice. 

April 23rd, 2004