Customer Service

Treatment Enquiries

Our Customer Service personnel; guided by our team of dental surgeons, are on hand to attend to all your dental enquiries and will ensure that you have as much information as possible prior to your visit to our centre. Inquiries can be made via telephone, text messaging and email to our dedicated email address at [email protected].


Preliminary Treatment Plan & Quote

Our objective is to relieve you of any anxiety about your treatment and to make you aware of treatment options and requirements before hand to help you plan your journey with some degree of certainty. Preliminary treatment plans and fees estimates can be obtained prior to your visits. The accuracy of these preliminaries depend on the accuracy and extent of information provided. The final treatment plan is subject to the actual examinations during your visit. Nevertheless, in almost all cases, preliminary treatment plans and fees are crucial in helping patients prepare and plan for their treatment.


Booking of Appointment

As with inquiries, booking for appointments can be done via telephone, text messaging and email. Reconfirmation and appointment reminders are part of our Customer Service standard operating procedure (SOP) so that you do not miss your appointment. To expedite your registration, you may choose to pre-register using our Registration Form available on-line.


Your One-stop Information Centre

With a strong understanding of patients needs; in particular foreign visitors, our Customer Service are equipped to assist you with important information that you need in relation to your treatment and to ensure a comfortable experience throughout the duration of your stay for your treatment.


Post Treatment Requirements

Our communications channels are open to you beyond your treatment completion. Dental records, reports, treatment history and receipts are the commonly requested documentations patients require for many purposes such as insurance and other claims, accounting and other purposes. These documents shall be made available to you by our Customer service in no time.